One-day seminar “Correct masking”

In this seminar, we offer painting companies and all interested parties the opportunity to learn the basics and more about the topic "Professional masking and covering" and how to apply it in practice. Working in small groups ensures an optimal learning outcome.

Specific topics and content of the one-day seminar:

  • Adhesive tape structure 
  • Selecting the right tape  
  • Avoiding problems when masking  
  • Problem-solvers for special cases 
  • A tour of the Kip® range  

Step by step guidance

In various practical exercises, participants will learn how to mask optimally and thus achieve the best result – the crucial foundation for being able to take advantage of all the key benefits that this brings:

  • Faster working 
  • Greater efficiency per unit area
  • Higher quality 
  • Less physical exertion

Valuable knowledge that pays off!

In the seminar, participants will not only acquire the basics as well as more specialized knowledge about the material composition and manufacturing of the products, but also useful tips for practical application, i.e. how to save enormous amounts of time and money by using the right adhesive tape that has been precisely selected for a particular application.

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