Experience and development

Quality as a success factor and USP

Our customers consciously choose reliable professional quality, often as a result of their own experiences. This is what the Shurtape® brand has stood for in the USA since 1955. It has developed adhesive tapes tailored precisely to the needs of a wide range of industry sectors – whether it is packaging, automotive, construction, entertainment, aerospace or shipping. Their quality has proven itself in real-world use, and numerous adhesive tapes from this brand are known as classics among professionals.

Our goal: Supplying you with the optimum solution!

Each industry has its own special and extremely high requirements for quality which a product or an adhesive tape needs to fulfill precisely and reliably. “Normal” adhesive tapes for hobbyists are usually out of their league here, and do not constitute an alternative. The only adhesive tape that is suitable for use and can be recommended is one that fulfils its task 100%. This is exactly where we can offer you top quality advice with 100% customer service satisfaction and additional benefits. Furthermore, depending on the exact situation, we can also meet with you on site to look at the requirements that need to be fulfilled, perform tests, and then find or develop the optimal solution for you. Let Kip® be the strong partner who is always actively by your side and individually focusing on your needs. 

Making it better and easier for you!

From design and technical development to the production and distribution, we focus on our goal and our fundamental quality standards at every single step and in each detail: You as a user should have it better and easier in your day-to-day work and in the production process. We tackle optimization from the user's point of view and also try to use this to minimize costs in development and production in-house. Uncompromising quality without losing sight of costs is our motto, which ultimately pays off for every professional.

Innovation – a fundamental and lifelong topic

New developments are constantly surfacing in terms of demand, new materials and production possibilities in manufacturing, as well as new customers from extremely young sectors where innovative know-how is urgently needed to solve problems. Without constant innovation, it is not possible to meet the constantly growing demands of the market. Agility in innovation is therefore also an integral part of our philosophy: No matter the industry, we constantly strive to improve every single roll of adhesive tape.
This means:

We are just as uncompromising when it comes to our business as our customers are when using our adhesive tapes.