Ground markings

Which tape is the right one for applying ground markings at a specific location? Decisive factors for making the right choice include giving careful consideration of the requirements in terms of strength, ease with which it can be removed and the desired duration/durability. Especially in recent times, the need for markings has risen sharply, the keywords being “Corona" and “keep your distance".

Ground markings are often required for indicating:

  • Distances which have to be observed (e.g. for "social distancing")
  • Lanes (e.g. to increase safety for cyclists and pedestrians)
  • Traffic patterns (often also combined with color coding)
  • Areas in any location that need to be marked in the short or long term.

Getting it perfect is important

The right ground marking tape should be used for each specific case/requirement. For high-traffic and correspondingly heavy load areas such as lane markings or other hazard-sensitive areas, just "any adhesive tape" that happens to be available but is not specially designed must not be used. In such cases, it is literally only a matter of time until a hazardous situation occurs or the markings need to be replaced.

More robust? Longer? More flexible?

Adhesive tape for high-traffic areas (e.g. road surfaces or industrial facilities) possesses special properties, and is above all significantly more resistant to mechanical stress and environmental influences. When selecting a tape, the required/desired duration of a marking should also be taken into account. Some adhesive tapes are specifically designed for longer term use and therefore have a particularly strong adhesive coating on the underside. Hence, they are correspondingly difficult to remove later on. Sticky residues can then extend the cleaning time considerably. These tapes should therefore not be used if ground markings (such as lanes) are only to be applied for a short period of time and need to be easily adjusted time and again.

Accidents waiting to happen?

An adhesive tape with a flexible backing that is also resistant to abrasion, UV light, acid, alkalis, oils, moisture and corrosion is perfectly suited for heavy load areas such as production facilities and other industrial settings. Ground markings are often a mandatory part of workplace safety measures in such settings. After all, performing work daily in the immediate vicinity of heavy machinery always involves a rather high risk of injury.

Kip® adhesive tapes for all situations and requirements

  • Wide temperature range 
  • Humidity
  • Large number of pedestrians
  • Color coding
  • UV resistance

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Kip® – ready-made solutions.

Steel pipe coating

Preheating, coating, covering the pipe ends. When coating steel pipes, everything has to be perfect – every process and every component. Even something seemingly simple such as an adhesive tape plays a decisive role. This is precisely why our tape solutions are designed to absorb heat perfectly and provide quality that is perfect down to the last detail, ensuring that the entire setup works perfectly.

Building maintenance

As the person responsible for building maintenance, you often already have more than enough to do, especially with constantly growing task lists, e.g. due to Corona. The last thing you need are unnecessary time-consuming tools that do not work. This also applies to adhesive tapes, which need to be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Whether for repairs, painting, marking of areas or other markings and fixings: Kip®'s range of adhesive tapes offers just the right professional solution for every need and the most demanding applications.

Transport & delivery

Do you require products that work perfectly and are truly always there when you need them? We deliver reliably, just-in-time and as a comprehensive selection of high-quality adhesive tapes for sealing, seam and adhesive applications, which we are constantly expanding. After all, there’s always a need for more adhesive tape.

Assembly & splicing

Holds strong. Easy handling. Robust design. Take advantage of our assembly and splicing tape portfolio, from assembly and fastening to splicing and adhering.