How do I choose the right tape?

Crepe tape goes with painting like walls go with a house. But not all painter’s tapes are created equally. We’ve all peeled back the masking tape only to have it tear, leave a residue, remove some of the paint – or to discover that the colour has bled beneath it. Even professionals can have a bad tape day.

Not with Kip®. Because we believe you deserve the best materials for the task at hand. But how do you know what’s best?

Simply apply our golden rule: Pay careful attention to the application and surface, because they can make all the difference in your choice of tape.

It’s always a good idea to check the conditions a particular tape is best suited for. What might seem close enough at first glance could turn out to be totally off the mark – and your paint edge.

The adhesive on the reverse is a key feature of painter’s tape. Private customers in particular place a premium on flawless results. That’s why we ensure you have exactly the right masking tape for the job.

The crepe de la crepe of masking tape.

There’s no shortage of masking tape on hardware store shelves. But it’s time to separate your new best bud from another dud. After all, why settle for any old painter’s tape when you can get high-quality masking tailored to your client’s needs, the surface and service life? Do it once, but do it right. Ideally, with an efficient system solution.

We’ve got you – and your project – covered.

With our three painter’s tapes, MASKING-TEC® CREPE MASKING TAPE, SMOOTH-TEC® SMOOTH MASKING TAPE and WASHI-TEC® GOLD MASKING TAPE, you get three different quality grades and first-time results. No touch-ups or repairs.

That adds up to the crepe de la crepe of masking tape. What more could you ask for?

With its superior adhesive strength, MASKING-TEC® hugs every line and wave even on rough, dusty surfaces.

Paper type:
Creped paper

Usage time:

Area of use:
For short-term covering work, primarily indoors

SMOOTH-TEC® is the perfect player for clean results on almost any masking gig. It keeps a low profile but is a real high-flyer.

Paper type:
Lightly creped to smooth paper

Usage time:

Area of use: 
The all-rounder for almost all covering work

For our masking tape that delivers razorsharp precision, go for WASHI-TEC®. Its tear-resistant JINZOKEI® fibres guarantee ultraclean lines every time.

Paper type:
Japanese paper with JINZOKEI® fibres

Usage time:

Area of use: 
For when the sharpest lines are needed

MASKING-TEC® Crepe Masking Tape

Riding a perfect line down the face of a wave takes serious skill. As for perfectly clean paint lines, now that’s a cinch. Just take MASKING-TEC® on board. Thanks to its premium natural rubber adhesive, this painter’s tape sticks to anything – even rough, dusty surfaces. Naturally not every line is straight. So we made a tape that’s highly elastic to hug contours and let you flip and turn on almost any indoor paint job. Enjoy unlimited freedom to glide brush and board to a perfect ten.

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SMOOTH-TEC® Smooth Masking Tape

Whoever rocks a roll of SMOOTH-TEC® has every reason to paint the town red … or any other shade, come to that. After all, Kip® makes no ordinary painter’s tape. It displays star quality on every gig. Thanks to the melodic mix of SMOOTH-TEC® paper and premium adhesive, every wall, ceiling and room is a riff come true. So why cramp your style with any other crepe?

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WASHI-TEC® Gold Masking Tape

Real washi has the drop on imitation tapes. Because only the genuine article is made in Japan and reinforced with extra-long JINZOKEI® fibres for supreme strength and tear resistance. Want guaranteed razor-sharp edges? Then it’s just got to be original WASHI-TEC®. Don’t make a wishywashi decision. Choose WASHI-TEC®.

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