A and B side - it´s all good.

Whoever rocks a roll of Kip® SMOOTH-TEC® has every reason to paint the town red… or any other shade, come to that. After all, Kip® makes no ordinary painter’s tape. It displays star quality on every gig. Thanks to the melodic mix of smooth crepe and premium adhesive in SMOOTH-TEC®, every wall, ceiling and room is a riff come true. So why cramp your style with any
other crepe?

Get in the groove

For all practical purposes, the thin masking tape is a pleasure to use. Apply it just like ordinary masking tape and look forward to a stunning performance. Think adhesive strength and tear resistance worthy of the Hall of Fame. And completely forget about bleeding. When it comes to clean lines on slightly rough surfaces, SMOOTH-TEC® masking tape really plays to the crowd.

More than an encore

Some acts stay on stage, playing encore after encore for their fans. But for a show that goes on and on and on… nothing beats SMOOTH-TEC® masking tape. Even at temperatures of up to 100°C, this UV-resistant crepe tape won‘t shy away from the limelight. Add to that its high adhesive strength to make it the perfect player for in- and outdoor use over extended periods. You can count on an extended solo, even in the worst Woodstock weather.

For sharp edges on smooth and slightly rough surfaces

  • Smooth crepe painter’s tape
  • Very thin, contour-conforming tape that peels off the roll easily
  • High-quality adhesive that sticks evenly
  • Excellent adhesion and tear resistance
  • UV-resistant and suitable for extended use
  • Moisture resistant thanks to premium water resistance
  • Removable without residue



UV- and weather-resistant. Hence, well suited to outdoor use.

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Premium SMOOTH-TEC® product for sharp lines.

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Tough adhesive tape for outdoor use.

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