About us

Kip® GmbH is a leading manufacturer of adhesive tapes and looks back on over 50 years of success on the market. Kip GmbH became a full subsidiary of Shurtape® Technologies LLC in 2000. This close alliance was the next logical step in a decades-long partnership. As a result, our expertise and capabilities in the areas of research, development and production have been significantly augmented and have grown even further.

Shurtape® Technologies LLC is a global industry leader in the manufacturing and marketing of adhesive tapes with subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Peru, the United Arab Emirates and China. Together, its various subsidiaries cater to numerous markets, including industrial / MRO, construction, packaging, electrical, stucco, HVAC, professional painting, automotive, shipping, aerospace, arts and entertainment, graphics, sound proofing, medical, DIY, household, home office and retail.

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