100% customer orientation

Kip® has always been committed to providing exceptional and comprehensive service.

We think along with you, in the interest of our customers. We develop, produce and supply our adhesive tapes in a manner that is fully tailored to real-world requirements, i.e. that of our customers. To this end, we also engage in activities such as proactively visit construction sites ourselves to gather first-hand practical experience and incorporate it into the ongoing optimization of our products and innovative new developments. And we are also glad and motivated to pass on this well-founded specialist knowledge to our customers in the form of personal consultations, on-site training or online (live webinars).

Firm partners for over 50 years

We love and have actively maintained this closeness to the trades for the more than 50 years during which Kip® has been successful in the marketplace. Comprehensive professional advice from our office and field sales staff, constantly searching for ways to improve, groundbreaking innovations that bring real benefits in practice and service that incorporates the customer and real-world developments into the process – these are things that our customers can always rely on. This is the yardstick by which you can measure us as a partner who relies on long-term, amicable collaboration.