Kip® WASHI-TEC®: Unbeatable, uncopiable

More than just another adhesive tape – Kip® WASHI-TEC®

Quality and reliability are a matter of honor in Japan. Centuries-old tradition and modern technology go hand in hand here. And the same is true for Kip® WASHI-TEC® – the Goldkrepp® golden masking tape for perfect lines. The tapes are made in Japan entirely from Washi paper and reinforced with extra-long JINZŌKEI® fibers. No expense is spared. This makes every Kip® WASHI-TEC® adhesive tape particularly thin, contour-conforming, and at the same time tear-resistant and sturdy. This enables precise application and stops paint from bleeding. The result: Extremely sharp paint lines.

All Kip® WASHI-TEC® adhesive tapes have one thing in common: their structure and the reinforcement with JINZOKEI® fibers. The tapes vary in terms of their material and adhesive properties depending on the area of application

Adhesive texture and crosslinking

There's an old Japanese proverb that says: Power comes from that which cannot be seen. The same is true of the adhesive in Kip® WASHI-TEC® tapes – invisible, yet a decisive quality characteristic.

Different forces are at work within the adhesive: the cohesive force that holds it together, as well as the adhesive force that binds the adhesive to the surface.

The adhesive system designed for Kip® WASHI-TEC® perfectly controls adhesion and cohesion. This significantly increases the resistance of the adhesive to external influences (such as temperature, humidity, etc.) The tapes also achieve a unique and particularly balanced adhesive strength. To top it all off, Kip® WASHI-TEC® adhesive tapes can be easily removed without leaving any residue, and are also UV-resistant.

No compromises: Material and waterproofing

Paper has always played an important role in everyday life in Japan. The tradition of papermaking has been passed on from generation to generation since the 7th century. This includes the production of the soft yet strong Washi paper – a synonym for quality and durability in the land of the rising sun. Different varieties of paper are used for making adhesive tapes. When it comes to Kip® WASHI-TEC® adhesive tapes, only original Japanese Washi paper is used.

The Washi paper is further reinforced with synthetic fibers. It makes the tapes flexible, yet also tear-resistant. While other products are only reinforced cross-sectionally with synthetic round fibers made of polyester or polypropylene, Kip® WASHI-TEC® adhesive tapes use high-quality JINZŌKEI® fibers. These kidney-shaped fibers made of materials such as polyvinyl alcohol eclipse anything and everything when it comes to tensile strength and tear resistance. In addition, Kip® WASHI-TEC® adhesive tapes are treated with an optimized special waterproofing, making the tapes resistant to moisture penetration and tearing.

Ready for any application

Thoroughly Japanese. Complete all around.

Every wall. Every ceiling. Every exterior wall. A ninja can overcome all obstacles. The same is also true for you when using Kip® WASHI-TEC® adhesive tapes. These original Japanese tapes are available in six different versions to suit every requirement.

WASHI-TEC® adhesive tapes

WASHI-TEC® adhesive tapes

WASHI-TEC® Premium Plus

Glass, painted surfaces, plastic… the true master for when everything has to go smoothly Thanks to its premium waterproofing and balanced adhesive strength, WASHI-TEC® Premium Plus guarantees sharp paint lines and first rate results.

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WASHI-TEC® Premium

Regardless of what you cover, WASHI-TEC® Premium will never let you down. This Japanese tape is a true all-rounder thanks to its good waterproofing and adhesive power. It is also the specialist for painted and varnished wood surfaces.

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WASHI-TEC® Standard

Even the WASHI-TEC® Standard is still a cut above the rest. This waterproof masking tape will provide you with the strength you need for all basic painting work and will impress you with its stability on acrylic joints.

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WASHI-TEC® Extra Strong

Special fiber-reinforced tape for the toughest demands.

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WASHI-TEC® Wallpaper

For delicate surfaces such as wallpaper, paper and putty.

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WASHI-TEC® for outdoor use

Tough adhesive tape for outdoor use.

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Kip® WASHI-TEC® Masker

The right format for every application.

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550 mm

For skirting boards and floors

1400 mm

For windows and furniture

2600 mm

For doors and walls

KIP® WASHI-TEC® adhesive tapes
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