Kip ULTRA SHARP® - More than just crepe masking tape

Crepe masking tapes have been used by painters everywhere for decades. But painting on rough surfaces requires time-consuming and expensive touch-ups. Kip developed the ULTRA SHARP® to tackle precisely this issue: The only professional painter’s tape with ULTRA SHARP® technology.

At home on rough surfaces

  • Sharp edges with just one coat
  • Also on rough surfaces
  • No filler, acrylic or similar

See for yourself!

Test the KIP ULTRA SHARP® – the only painter’s tape that actively prevents paint bleeding.

Brutally straight:
ULTRA SHARP® technology

Kip ULTRA SHARP® on woodchip

Kip ULTRA SHARP®: Cavities are sealed

The gel forms a protective barrier and stops the paint from bleeding.


Crepe masking tape on woodchip

Crepe masking tape: Noticeable cavities!

This will require expensive prepping or touching up.

ULTRA SHARP® user videos

Bring home the bacon:
save yourself one task!

  • Does efficiency run through your veins?
  • Are you the hunter, not the prey?
  • You want the biggest slice of the painting business?

If so, KIP ULTRA SHARP® is your ultimate companion.
No costly touch-ups on rough surfaces.

  1. Stick on and press down
  2. Paint
  3. Remove and you’re done!

1 minute of prepping and touching up costs you around €0.75*
So 30 minutes of prepping and touching up costs you: €22.50*

Cut these costs starting now!
KIP ULTRA SHARP®: for crafty hunters of hidden profits – entirely simple, completely red.



Carrier materialSmooth masking tape
Temperature Resistance  80
Tear resistance39
Adhesion to stainless3.4
Elongation (%)8
Indoor Service3 weeks
Outdoor Service1 week


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