217 Masker with cloth tape

Item number: 217-11
3 weeks
3 Weeks
40 °C
Carrier materialPE laminated
Temperature Resistance40
Tear resistance58
Adhesion to stainless3.14
Elongation (%)13
Indoor Service3 weeks
Outdoor Service3 Weeks
This premium-plus product is a masker with high-quality cloth tape for quickly masking a variety of surfaces. The masker is made of high-quality blue cloth tape with environmentally friendly PE backing film. This film independently attaches itself to the surface using a static charge. The cloth masker is also UV-resistant.
This product is particularly suitable for covering and masking large, complete surfaces (e.g. windows). It can also be used on many different surfaces both indoors and outdoors. The masker is resistant to temperatures up to 40 °C.