The crepe de la crepe of masking tape!

We’ve got you – and your project – covered. With our three painter’s tapes MASKING-TEC®, SMOOTH-TEC® and WASHI-TEC® you get three different quality grades and first-time results. No touch-ups or repairs.


Kip® stands for quality

Kip® is more than just a globally leading adhesive tape manufacturer for professional painters, plasterers and the construction industry. As a committed, proactive partner for craftsmen and industrial companies, we see our role above all in offering optimum quality, also where customer service is concerned. Our customers appreciate this and benefit from it in many ways – in terms of quality, logistics, and price

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Binding perfection

Values we adhere to


  • Product quality
  • Community & teamwork
  • Internal & external fairness
  • Green decisions
  • Social responsibility

More about the company

Consider the surface and purpose and choose the corresponding adhesive tape for the situation.

These factors massively influence the requirements for adhesive tapes and covering materials. For painters, this means checking in advance what a particular adhesive tape is suitable for, and what it is not suitable for. “Almost right” is dangerous. An essential factor is the adhesive coating on the back!

We would be happy to advise you if you have any questions. There are many cases and factors to be considered, but there is also the perfect adhesive tape for every case!

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Easily removable tape is often sufficient!


In many situations, delicate surfaces (e.g. wallpaper or surfaces with textured plaster) simply need to be protected from getting dirty. In such cases, an easily removable adhesive tape (WASHI-TEC® Wallpaper) is more than sufficient. The Washi backing flexibly conforms to the surface contours and the special adhesive guarantees problem-free removal from delicate surfaces.


Quality definitely has priority!

... and pays off.

The same applies to professional craftsmen: Adhesive tapes and coverings simply have to work well. The price of a professional adhesive tape is not the main concern. As a professional, you can’t easily go wrong using brand-name products and following the basic instructions for their use. Penny pinching is definitely not the way to go.

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Careful masking and covering

Let us help!

Careful masking and covering are also an expression of respect for the customer and his property. By taking protective measures and general taking great care, one signals to the customer a professional sense of responsibility. While amateurs only provisionally mask and cover with thin films or newspaper due to lack of motivation and expertise, you plan and act as a professional and also carry out – at a reasonable price – the necessary masking work, thus effectively reducing the risk of complaints and claims!

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  • 26 countries
    Kip® is active in 26 countries across Europe.
  • Countless millions of m² of adhesive tape
    are produced by the company each year.
  • Used in outer space
    In August 2018, astronauts used fabric tape to repair the ISS.
  • Over 650 products
    Kip® produces over 650 different tapes for a wide range of applications and requirements.

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Kip® spoke with master painter Jörg Giesen

How important is masking in his day-to-day work?

Master painter Jörg Giesen, 52, explains:
“We mainly work for private customers. Masking is naturally particularly important in these cases, and the expense and effort are correspondingly high. Customers today have very high demands for perfection, down to the last detail. As painters, we should therefore not leave behind any traces that result in dissatisfied customers – even if they only become apparent upon closer inspection.”

Our brands

Kip® develops, produces and supplies professional adhesive tapes for a wide range of applications and customer needs – with custom labels/brands for our customers' own use/sale as well as under the brand names of our own product range. Currently, they are:

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